Are we in a paradigm shift in real estate marketing? Does it penetrate other markets where you are selling or renting, or leasing a “space”? Are you aware of it?

There is a movement that has been going on many of us are aware of. It has been so slight that we haven’t noticed how far it has moved. We are aware that 90% of home searches begin online. Are you aware how many are competed that way without even entering the house?

Whether you are selling houses, condos, commercial, businesses, or hospitality, it doesn’t matter. This new product will change how you market your business and those who ignore it, will find other work to do. What am I talking about?

Moving beyond the usual 2D photos taken on a mobile phone, or cheap camera to immersive 3D 360 video that puts the viewer in control. The buyer, visitor, guest can use their mouse to see the space. We at 3D 360 Homes are already there. We want to help you if you are showing and selling anything with walls or sides to anybody.

Some innovative auto dealers have displayed their high end luxury cars this way. Yacht brokers have employed this technology to market their vessel to a global audience. Hotel and resort managers see that many want to “inspect” the space before they book it. If it has sides or walls, we can do it.

Check out our work product. We are Matterport Service Partners and will consider virtually any offer to scan your space.

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