Imagine you have been contacted by a home owner who wants you to sell their most prized possession. No, not their car, boat or kids. Their house. This is probably the most expensive asset they have.

You have a choice. You can get equipped to do the right thing, or you can do like the rest of the herd. Take a second and look at THEIR competition online. Are the photos dark, sideways, cropped too much, or showing too much “stuff”? That is the norm. Even listings priced in the 7 figures, the photography is still 1980’s and it shows.

Consider the Alternative. There is drone photography. There is professional photography with lights and filters to make the drab colors pop. Now there is another avenue. Put your seller’s property in front of the buyer’s eyes-wherever they  are, whatever time it is, in spite of the weather. Go all out and put it in VR goggles!

Set the trend. Start the awareness. One call does it all saving you time and $$ while putting the property on the market for less time than the average and selling for more than it too. Make a difference in your listings. Go make a “do-over” for your current listings. Bring in a Matterport Service Partner-before the seller does it to you.

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